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Besides a fantastic riding experience, the Eagle Ridge Ranch has lots of extras included with the cost of the ride.

The ranch has lots of fun-filled water activities included with the cost of riding horses! ***Other Activities

Paddle Boating in the Pond
  You can plan on spending the entire day at the ranch if you want! You can go  canoeing and paddle boating.  The ranch will even lend you the boats.                       Man & Boy Boating

You can swim in our swimming hole.
There is even a swingline for those in your group with the ability to face danger,
difficulty, uncertainty, or pain without being overcome by fear.

Little Kid on a Swing Line

 Family With Hats & ChapsYou can dress up in chaps and hats and
the guides will take pictures of you. (with your own camera)

Little Girls Roping 
The guides are there to show you how to coil a lariat and rope a bale of hay.
Kid Fishing From the Dock
You can fish in our private lakes and streams.  The ranch will even lend you a fishing pole and you don't need a license.


Ride Horses on the Eagle Ridge Ranch as well as its surrounding mountains near the Continental Divide. The ranch is the largest privately owned cattle ranch in Eastern Idaho or Southwestern Montana and just a short, beautiful drive from Yellowstone National Park. For an unsurpassed horseback riding experience for the entire family, book your ride with Yellowstone Horses Outfitters-Eagle Ridge Ranch; you won't be disappointed!

(208) 558-7077

Location Map

    Group of People Eating Dutch Oven Meal    
    ***  Western Cookouts
    The cooks from the Western Cookout
     ride are famous for their
    high quality meals that include:
    Dutch Oven Fire

    •  Dutch oven spare ribs
    • Dutch Oven Potatoes
    • Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler
    • Hot Scones & Honey Butter
    • Green Salad
    • Drink

    * Rides Available      We think we have the finest, guided horseback rides in the country!
    Guides From Yellowstone Horses-Eagle Ridge Ranch

    Riders Silver Lake 
     Little Girl on Buckskin Horse
     Horses Running

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    ADDRESS: 3438 Old Shotgun Road, Island Park. ID 83429
    NOTE: The Eagle Ridge Ranch is in a secluded area and a GPS won't guide you to us.
      To find our exact location, please call the reservation number or (208) 558-7077